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OWL Wiki Forms (OWF) is a collection of projects and software utilizing the Semantic Web ontology editor Protégé and the semantic wiki platforms Semantic MediaWiki and Semantic Forms. The latest OWF project is Fresnel Forms (FForms), a Protégé plugin that generates form-based semantic wiki's for given ontologies. Core aspects of OWF and FForms approach are:

  1. Automatic processing of given ontologies to generate semantic browser interface specifications as Fresnel style data
  2. Consequent automatic processing of Fresnel style data to generate browse-and-annotate interfaces on semantic wiki's
  3. A GUI editor for modifying Fresnel style specifications

Thus, OWF and FForms makes semantic wiki interface creation more efficient by generating a default interface for given ontologies. Then the human semantic wiki stylist can further tailor this interface by adding Fresnel style that specifies only the difference between the generated default and desired interface.


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