OWL Wiki Forms v0.1 installation

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Install instructions

  1. Download and install the prerequisites:
    1. MediaWiki
    2. Semantic MediaWiki
    3. Semantic Forms
    4. ParserFunctions
    5. Character Escapes
  2. Download and install the OWL Wiki Forms extension
    1. Copy the directory from http://is.cs.ou.nl/OWF/files/OWLwikiForms_v0.1.zip into your wiki's extensions directory.
    2. Add to your wiki's LocalSettings.php file the following lines:
      require_once("$IP/extensions/OWLwikiForms/OWLwikiForms.php" );
      $wgRawHtml = true;
  3. Go to the following pages on your target wiki and take the corresponding actions
    1. Special:Import: Import the file OWF_import.xml from the unzipped directory from OWLwikiForms.zip.
    2. MediaWiki:Common.css: Add the following line:
      @import url('index.php?title=MediaWiki:OWF.css&action=raw&ctype=text/css&smaxage=18000');.
    3. MediaWiki:Smw_uri_blacklist: If you want RDFS and OWL ontology data to be exported with your wiki's RDF exports, then block out or remove the three URI's for RDF, RDFS and OWL.
  4. Try out OWL Wiki Forms yourself by following the OWL Wiki Forms v0.1 instructions.


Version Date Description
0.1.3 19 June 2011 Dependence on Semantic Friendly Forms removed. Other bugs fixed.
0.1.2 23 March 2011 XML code for generating entire ontology-based interface now directly downloaded as a file via a "Special:" page
0.1.1 17 March 2011 added missing Property:Box order and Property:Pagename
0.1 15 March 2011 MediaWiki XML import code for the pages that make up OWL Wiki Forms